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You can tell so much thought has gone into this stunning journal and I am so excited to use it.


What I especially love about this notebook is that it offers space to reflect on questions like why I am reading a particular book.

Danielle @halfdesertedstreets

As a reviewer I also love it as often I forget which books I've discussed on air, so now I can keep better track of that!


"What a well rounded process! So succinct. So peaceful. So culminative."

Olivia Ilic

"I have started using Book of Books as a way of filtering my book collection.. It’s been really interesting."

Matthew Lumsden

"It’s made me choose more meaningful literature rather than the Netflix binge kind of books"

Natalie Ellis

There's something satisfying about finishing a book and filling it out. It makes me slow down and really think about what I want to say.

Taylor Bast

I hope my Book of Books will become one of those treasured family heirlooms. I wonder what my great grandchildren will think of it.

Margaret MacKinnon

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