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Introspect Journaling Deck

Introspect Journaling Deck

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“People who keep journals have life twice.”
Jessamyn West

What's inside

  • 80 Core questions
  • 80 Question expansions
  • 20 Quote Cards

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Who's the deck for?

INTROSPECT was crafted as a springboard for looking at different parts of yourself. Sparking new ways of thinking and opening up a safe space to have a deeper conversation with yourself.

Perfect if you are

- Starting a journaling practice

- Feeling intimidated by a blank page

- Looking to become more self-aware

- Wanting a deeper understanding of yourself

Start a conversation with yourself or someone else.

The questions are the perfect way to start a deeper conversation. Inspire others. Create a deeper connection with the people around you.

Use them to:

- Get to know your partner

- Start a new conversation with a friend

- A workplace icebreaker

- Spice up a dinner party