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Book of Books

Book of Books

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A journal for Book lovers. 

The books you've read and your life as you read them.

Build a deeper understanding of how books have influenced you and shaped your perspective. Reflect on your thoughts, decisions and memories.

Each entry is like a photograph, capturing a little piece of yourself on the page. 



  • Width: 15.24cm
  • Length: 22.86cm
  • Binding: Hardcover Layflat binding
  • Paper: Recycled 120gsm 
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Designed with memory in mind.

Prompting you to summarise and reflect on the lessons. Anchoring entries to your life.


- Asking why primes your mind

- Tactile processes strengthen memory

- Limits push us further

- Reflection strengthens neural pathways

- Build bridges of association

Why keep a book journal?

Books impact us. They change the way we think. Open us up to new ideas. Shape the way we view the world.

The books you’ve read tell a story about you. What you write about each book tells a story about who you were at a certain point in your life.

A book journal is like a photo album. A sacred record. Something to keep forever, maybe hand down to the next generation.

What's inside Book of Books?

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