Book of Books

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What's inside?  

Enhance your reading experience.
Record the books you’ve read and what was happening in your life as you read them.  What you choose to write about each book, says as much about you, as it does about the book. Your collection of entries will help you build a deeper understanding of 
how books have influenced your perspective and shaped you as a person. 

As you look back through your journal, you can reflect on your thoughts, decisions and memories. Each entry is like a photograph, capturing a little piece of yourself on the page.


  -50 templates to record the books you've read.

- Space to record the books you've lent, borrowed and want to read next. 

- A little exploration of active reading tips and techniques for reflection. 



    • Width: 15.24cm
    • Length: 22.86cm
    • Binding: Hardcover Layflat binding
    • Paper: Recycled 120gsm