Book of Books

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What's inside?  

Book of Books was crafted for thought seekers, it's a space for you to reflect on the stories you've read and the events in your present life leading you to this perspective. After all what you take away from the book says as much about you as it does the author.

As your collection of entries builds it will allow you to have a deeper understanding of how these words are shaping you as a person, as you look back and reflect on your writings you are able to capture the essence of where you were when you wrote it.

What you'll find inside

- Space for 50 well-loved book reflections

- Library record of books you've shared

- Note pages for your ink to wander freely

- Books on your reading list

- Active reading tips and journalling prompts



    • Width: 15.24cm
    • Length: 22.86cm
    • Binding: Hardcover Layflat binding
    • Paper: Recycled 120gsm