11 journaling prompts to enhance the way you think about, reflect upon & remember the books you read.

Why are prompts such a powerful tool when it comes to memory retention? 

Questions are powerful because they trigger a detailed process of reflection and synthasisation in your mind. 

When you ask your brain for an opinion on something you've been reading, it forces your brain to go back through what it has read and string together different pieces of information to form an opinion. This opinion is personalised by your brain, which means that you are more likely to remember it. 

Journaling prompts are useful because they kick-start this personalised thought process. Responding to prompts fires up synapses and creates new neural connections, meaning what you learn is more likely to imprint on your brain.  

How to use these prompts 

Step 1.

Download the prompts.

Step 2. 

Get your journal ready. This can be either your Book of Books or a regular lined journal.  

Step 3.

Skim through the prompts in the PDF. Once you find one that makes you curious, answer it!

Download the prompts (it's free!)

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