Reflect & remember: journaling prompts to help you heal.

You just got through one of history's biggest events. Props to you.

We don't think this time could be summed up better than the following quote:

"I am not what happened to me, I am what I chose to become."

 Carl Gustav Jung

Have you taken a step back to see what impact COVID-19 has had on your life? Many of us have faced new challenges. We’ve had to adapt to lifestyle changes and how we interact with others. So how did you go? Asking yourself questions and putting pen to paper is a great way to explore your thoughts and feelings during this experience.

How to use these prompts

Step 1.
Download the prompts - enter your email below.

Step 2.
Get your journal ready. if you don't own one yet, treat yourself. Your thoughts deserve a nice home!

Step 3.
Find a quiet space. Give yourself some privacy. This is your experience, and you want to be focussed when you do your thinking. 

Step 4.
Skim through the deck in the PDF. Only read what’s written on the white side. Once you find a prompt that makes you curious, answer it.

Why is journaling such a great tool for processing the pandemic? 

Records who you were and who you became.
Reflection is a powerful process. Did you change during this time? Did the people around you? How do you want to show up in the future based on what you learned?

Helps you to find the good.
Gratitude can feel uneasy, but take a minute to appreciate your resilience, the people you have beside you, and the small things that kept you going.

Reveals emotional triggers.
Lockdown made it impossible to run from our emotions and brought harsh truths to the table. Learning what sets you off is a powerful tool for raising your awareness and finding mechanisms to self-soothe.

Helps you to correct course.
We were all at a standstill, and it was a hell of a long pause. Did you take time to see if your path was really one you wanted to be on? Look at the present moment as an opportunity to realign your values.

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